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[PRESS RELEASE] WCS 2012 Event Summary

Aichi Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
Jun 25 (Mon), 2012

Announced summary of
The WCS2012
Date: July 28(Sat.) –August 5(Sun.), 2012
Mainly in Nagoya-city, Aichi, Japan
Cosplayers of 20 countries around the
world will come together!

The World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee brings you the “World Cosplay Summit 2012”. Annually since 2003 the World Cosplay Summit has been held to promote the internationally popular Japanese anime andmanga culture.

This year’s summit will be the 10th held and with new entries from Russia, England (UK) and Indonesia, cosplayers from20 countries around the world will come together inNagoya. In commemoration of 10th anniversary, we will hold various events like Anime Song Live Show, through 9 days.
We are proud to invitemembers of themedia to cover these events. Please feel free to contact TV Aichi with any questions or concerns regarding press coverage.

■ Event Summary
July 28 (Sat.) -August 5 (Sun.), 2012
Nagoya-city, Tokoname-city, Ichinomiya-city andmore,Aichi, Japan

July 28 (Sat) Cosplay in Centrair (Chubu InternationalAirport, Tokoname-city)
Lottery of Championship performance order in SUNSHINE SAKAE (Nagoya-city)

July 29 (Sun) Ichinomiya Tanabata Cosplay Parade withWCS (Ichinomiya-city)

Aug 4 (Sat)Nishiki Boulevard Red Carpet Parade (Naka-ku,Nagoya-city) World Cosplay Summit Championship (Oasis21, higashi-ku,Nagoya-city)

Aug 5(Sun) 10thAnniversaryAnison Live (Oasis21, higashi-ku,Nagoya-city)
Osu Cosplay Carnival (Osu-shopping arcade,Naka-ku,Nagoya-city)
World Cosplay Summit in Sweet Castle (Inuyama-city,)

Participating Countries (expected): Germany (10), Spain (8), Italy (10), France (10), China (8), Singapore (7), Thailand (7), Brazil (7), SouthKorea (6), Denmark (6),Mexico (6),USA(7),Australia (4), Finland (4), Japan (8), Malaysia (2),Netherlands (2), Russia (1), England (UK) (1), Indonesia (1) total of 20 countries

Participating Cosplayers: 1 pair of 2 people on each country, total 20 pairs of 40 people

World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2012 Event Summary

■ Sponsorship
Organizer: World Cosplay Summit Executive Committee
(Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chubu International Airport, Nagoya City Bureau of Tourism, Osu ShoppingArcadeAlliance, TVAichi)

Co-Sponsors: All Nippon Airways, DaiichiKoushou, SUNSHINE SAKAE, Brother, Bushiroad, Sanyo-housing group, LiburaNEO, Cyperous,Manga-oukoku Tottori

Partners: Lufthansa, Central Japan InternationalAirport Promotion Council, Kinshachi Street Shopping District Cooperative,NIPPONTRAVELAGENCY, TokaiWalker, InternationalHotelNagoya, Sweet Castle, Cure

★July28 (Sat)WCS2012 starts fromCentrair!
Time / 11:00 - 17:00 (Stage event 12:00 - 13:00)
Place / Chubu InternationalAirport Centrair
Cosplay photo session and stage event will be held as an opening of 10th Anniversary.
Let’s take photos with the representatives of around the world!
You can take photos at Sky deck, seeing airplanes at background.
We will introduce the representative cosplayers at the stage of event plaza, as the opening of WCS2012.

★July28 (Sat) The lottery for the order of Championship performance in SUNSHINE SAKAE
Time / 18:00 - 19:00 (expected)
The lottery for the order of Championship performance onAugust 4th is open to the public this year.
The order is very important for the representatives.
You will be able to hear their comments for Championship.

★July29 (Sun) Ichinomiya Tanabata Cosplay Parade withWCS
Time / 11:30 - 20:00 (Parade 16:30 - )
Place / Ichinomiya-city
WCSmakes collaboration with Ichinomiya-city.
WCS representatives come to Ichinomiya-city which has the plan to be “Costume Town” as the city
of fabric textiles woven stuff.
Cosplay parade will be held in Ichinomiya Tanabata festival with 300 amateur cosplayers.
We offermany places to change costumes there.
Let’s fill in the festival with amount of cosplayers!
We will make a stage event of the representative cosplayers.

★August4 (Sat)Nishiki Boulevard Red Carpet Parade
Time / 11:30 - 13:30
Place /Nishiki street(in front of InternationalHotelNagoya~SUNSHINE SAKAE)
One of themain street ofNagoya-citywill be imposed blockade for the parade.
The representative cosplayers will parade in the centre of the street on the red carpet.
TokugawaMuneharu and his retainers will parade, too.

★August4 (Sat)World Cosplay Summit Championship
Time / 17:30 - 21:00 (expected)
Place / Oasis21
Themain event ofWCS that is determined which teamof 20 countries will be the champion all over
the world. The events also include the guest live of May’n, a singer of animate songs, Cure Cosplay Fashion Show, and so on.

★August5 (Sun) 10thAnniversaryAnison Live
Time / 14:00 - 21:00(expected)
Place / Oasis21
This is the anime song live event commemorative ofWCS 10th anniversary.
Many anime singers (like JAMProject)will sing and performon the stage of Oasis21.
The guide vocal audition of animation songs will be simultaneously held sponsored by LIVEDAM.

★August5 (Sun) Osu Cosplay Carnival (Champion teamparade)
Time / 12:00 - 14:00
Place / Osu shopping arcade
Champion teamwill parade at Osu street in “OsuNatsumatsuri”.

★August5 (Sun)World Cosplay Summit 2012 in Sweet Castle
Time / 10:00 - 19:30 (the time of representatives’appearance is not determined yet)
Place / Sweet Castle (Inuyama-city)
The photo session of cosplayers in sweet castle will be held this year, too.
Because it is Sunday,many cosplayers can come easier.
The representative cosplayers ofWCS will appear twice of the day.
Let’s take photos with themin sweet castle!

Any questions regarding press coverage of WCS2012 should be directed toward the official
website below, and the press center questions formin particular. → Press Center → Inquiry
Or, email us at the following address,
*Urgent Concerns should be directed here
TVAichi Event Department, Keisuke Ogura (World Cosplay Summit Producer)
TEL: 052-243-8600 fromJapan
+81-52-243-8600 fromForeign countries

Anime Alliance Team


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