Sunday, May 06, 2012

Stream-2-Stream @ Summer Rockaway 2!

Anime Alliance's experimental audio stream-2-stream broadcast was a success at Summer Rockaway 2!

Tamacon 2011 Online Broadcast Screencap
With the experimental stream, the special airing of Summer Rockaway 2 at Anime Alliance Live garnered an all-time high of 120+ pageviews - since last TamaCon broadcast in 2011 which had 300+ pageviews and a steady average of 60+ viewers.

Streaming on Stickam by the coverage team and re-streaming it by the broadcast team to Ustream gives the coverage team the control on any activities that they need to upload to the broadcasters that are stationed in another location.

Conceptualized for audio streaming, it marks the first successful audio coverage of a music event that happened at The Freedom bar in Anonas, Quezon City, Philippines. The broadcast team that re-streamed it as Anime Alliance's Live Special was stationed at the City of Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States. Emceed by Mr. Sol Occiano at the Summer Rockaway Stage and hosted by DJ Mike and DJ Toto at the online broadcast - regardless of lack of coordination, has made listeners hear live music by popular j-music cover bands like Rakuen Science, Onigiri Infusion, Aniki, Raika, Himitsu Heiki, Moonspeak, Molded Sushi, PPF All Stars, Asian Chicken Fest, Mixed Nuts, Asterysk and Stigma of Disgrace.

Since this is more cost effective and can be done without extensive preparations - like impromptu broadcasts - Anime Alliance intends to provide the same kind of service to other music events. The technical team of Anime Alliance is trying to develop a way to adapt the concept of audio stream-2-stream to video streaming for future video online streaming services that the organization will be engaging with.

If you want to have this kind of service be done to your music gig or event, let us know at


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