Thursday, April 19, 2012

[ARTICLE] How Anime Works its Magic

How Anime Works its Magic
Article by: Czanelle

Always expect the unexpected. That’s what happened to me when anime influenced my life. To be honest, way before I’ve started my teens, I never liked hearing the word ‘Anime’. I wasn’t that hyper and jumpy type. But my life then was just as a dull world with no excitement. Indeed I needed something so that my world would sparkle and regain its energy. No inspirations came up in my mind and at the same time, there was no life in my world. I would usually despise those people who would go to cosplay events, read manga, watch anime, collect nendroids and other anime related things. Yes, I know that my life then was plain cold. 

I usually thought to never lose hope. There was an instance in my life where I accidentally pressed the remote to the wrong channel and the show was ‘Inuyasha’. At first I didn’t like it because of the drawing, but as I continued watching it, I decided to try watching more - which I did. I started watching several animes ever since. 

I never expected anime to be my life changer. I once considered myself with no talent, but after time passed by it affected me dearly. 
Do you know how anime affected me? 

- My drawings improved
- I’ve started to use digital art
- I would write fan fictions, stories and even poems. 
- I studied basic Japanese
- I’ve learned some Japanese cuisines
- I collected posters, nendroids and even anime merchandises I could find 

Most importantly, many people, including my teachers, friends and schoolmates were impressed of my skills 

Anime changed my life for the better. Compared to that dull pathetic world before, I love the colorful life that I have now. 

How about you, did anime work its magic on you too? 

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AUTHOR: Czanelle

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